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We're delighted that MINI Hatch has just been named CCT100 Premium Supermini of the Year.

Here's what Company Car Today had to say about the MINI Hatch:


The Mini proves that style and badge appeal still count for a great deal in world where fleets watch every penny. 

It’s testament to BMW that, 17 years after it revived the name, the Mini hatchback is now a firm fixture in the top-selling models in the UK, and the brand is as desirable as ever. 

As appealing as it is, a car has to have more than swish styling if it’s 
to crack the value-driven supermini class. P11Ds may be higher than those of your average Fiesta, but that’s down to the premium badge, and Mini hatchbacks have long been renowned for cast-iron residual values, while the current model also has excellent SMR costs. 

The five-door body style also has 
a 278-litre boot, which is impressive for the class and dispels the old argument that the car is too small 
to be properly practical. 

One D variants get as low 96g/km of CO2 and, as with the original Mini, the driving experience remains among the modern car’s highlights – even the basic hatch is a hoot.